About JoinWith.Me

Lonely? Afraid? Anxious? Feeling Paranoia?

We  are a 501(c)(3) charitable counseling organization supported by local  communities to help those who are lonely and in need of support in their  lives. We are proud to have helped thousands of challenged individuals  to overcome their fears, their anxieties, their paranoia.

Does the future scare you? We can help.

Our counseling sessions are absolutely FREE and CONFIDENTIAL. 

In fact, you have come so far, you cannot go back now.

If you wish to contact us, please use the contact form below, and a Counselor with respond within 24 hours. 

But don't believe this right away....the story is below.


The Story


In the year 2032, Sam Vanderpool lives a lonely existence in a menial job in Columbia, an urban dystopia which is automated and impersonal due to the dominance of technology. Misanthropic and miserable, Sam is estranged from his parents, who he hasn't spoken to since leaving home ... Sam is jolted from his routines when, while at home, an ad appears on his computer screen for a website called JoinWith.Me whose logo is an octopus-like creature. The website claims to offer counseling for the lonely and Sam connects to it where he talks to a girl who offers to help him be happier and find a girlfriend.  ...

Sam becomes increasingly paranoid and the girl shows him her avatar, which is of a young Asian girl. She begins to claim he has a personality disorder and because he is ego-centered, he should take money out of his bank and give it to a stranger who will be waiting for him ... Sam tries to talk to the police, but they throw away the report he tries to file. With the girl hounding him, Sam decides he needs to get away and packs a few items into his red suitcase. He tries to leave town, but the girl appears able to infiltrate the airline's computer systems and his flight is canceled. Still not wanting to go home, Sam begins living on the streets. Time passes and Sam becomes one of the city's homeless, scrounging for money and befriending other transients...